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Quicken Loans Community Challenge 2019

On August 1, our Community Challenge page will go 'live' and the contest will be on!

This year we're trying to raise 60,000 dollars to keep our food security programs for the hungry and homeless forging ahead.

So, what is the Quicken Loans Community Challenge- Detroit?

· A Fundraising competition between local charities

· Quicken loans grants $100,000 in various ways during this challenge to the 5 charities which raise the most money.

Why is this important???

Last year Buckets of Rain finished in 6th place... by, at one point, a dollar! Yikes!

Not to worry, all organizations retain the money they raise, and last year you all helped us pull in $36,000 !!! You’re all amazing!

Please help us reach our goal to raise $60,000 dollars, or more, this year by:

· Spreading the word to focus donations in August, as each dollar could be worth twice as much then!

· Make sure you donate through the Quicken loans Challenge link, which we will provide! (Checks and cash donations are awesome, but do not count during this period. Thanks so much)

"Quicken Loans Team Members have again chosen Buckets of Rain as one of the most impactful organizations that serve the Detroit community. And, because of the work that you do and how influential you are, we want to personally invite you to participate in the 2019 Quicken Loans Community Challenge Detroit."