December2016                            Recapping a good year

Midsummer 2016                          Gardening up north for downstate/ the Song for Hope approaches!

Early Spring 2016                       Glen Lake High School comes thru again!                              

Christmas 2015 Newsletter            The Cherry Republic Detroit Holiday Challenge

July 2015                              Another Song for Hope marathon approaches.... Look Out!

Early Spring 2015                        "I can do something about this"

Holiday Newsletter 2014             We finally get our water connection

October 2014                          FYI and A&E film crew visits!

 August/September 2014        Song for Hope and garden expansion

June/July 2014                                          Let's eat

May 2014                                            Harvest begins

March/April 2014                     Year 2 in Detroit is underway

February 2014                   Guatemala food gleaning and more

January 2014               Introducing the 'eggplant' and the Bernard Club

December 2013         Big Needs and Plans in Guatemala--- get your BOR T shirts

November 2013           Next springs half acre/ tilling other inner city gardens

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