Our Projects

Buckets of Rain has active projects in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan, and supports the  food security efforts of many similar organizations in the area. In addition to the efforts described below, Buckets of Rain supports produce-gleaning and humanitarian relief efforts in Guatemala with partner Educacion y Desarollo. We also support the VIDA School in San Miguel Duenas, Guatemala, with designated donations.


"Big glen" Garden

At nearly an acre, the "Big Glen" garden/farm in Highland Park is our largest and most productive, capable of providing 80,000 servings per year to homeless shelters and local residents. Corporate, small groups, and neighbors support this effort by volunteering nearly 5,000 hours per season!  It is located on land graciously loaned by the Detroit Rescue Mission.


Local Organization Support

We never miss an opportunity to help other organizations that are involved in the daunting task of re-building neighborhoods, increasing food-security and reducing blight. Buckets of Rain has the equipment, connections, and experience to help other gardens get over the hardest part-- getting started!  Read more.....                 

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self-serve gardens

We've set-up various self-serve community gardens in Highland Park and Detroit.  Starting in late 2017 we began enlarging our most popular self serve garden and making it family friendly.  It will be fenced and gated and have kiddie sized toys, benches, and tables so Mom can gather some vegetables without having to worry about the safety of the 'wee' ones.  It will become "Isla's Garden".  

"Clinic to Farm to Patient"


     In fall of 2017 we began a program with the SAY Clinic called “Clinic to Farm to Patient” (CFP).  The SAY Clinic, founded by Mitch Albom Charities,  provides free health care to uninsured women and children in Detroit/Highland Park.   “Clinic to Farm to Patient” enables doctors to write “prescriptions” for patients with diet related health issues such as diabetes, obesity or hypertension. These patients then visit our one-acre garden to be given a week’s worth of the recommended vegetables. 

     When the fresh food prescription is filled 5 times the patient returns to the Clinic for a check up and a new prescription. The doctors can then monitor the participants and look for positive changes in disease state based on an improved diet.

     The number of participants in the CFP program is expected to be 100 next year from the SAY Clinic and the nearby free HUDA Clinic is to come on board next spring as well. 

     Big thanks to Kroger for supplying vegetables in 2018 and 2019 during the early spring and late fall when the weather in Detroit won't let us grow our own!


New for 2019

Four independent non-profits in a Highland Park neighborhood are pooling their energies and talents to reach out to more and more of the city's under-served residents. The Say Clinic, Avalon Village, the Detroit to Nepal Foundation, and Buckets of Rain address a wide range of community needs. Mentoring, blight removal, promotion of entrepreneurship, food security and free health care, to name a few. By working together to connect their projects both in terms of outreach and with a physical "pathway" all will benefit from what these dedicated organizations have to offer. Rev. Joan Ross and the local Highland Park community radio station, WNUC, will be spreading the word! And thanks to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries for your inspiration!