2015 "Song For Hope" Marathon

Buckets of Rain will be holding their 3rd annual "Song for Hope" Marathon from August 20th thru August 23rd, 2015.  Like previous years, we're doing it right on the sidewalk in front of Horizon Books in Traverse City, Michigan, although we may occasionally drift off.......

Participants will again be playing the Woody Guthrie song, "This Land is Your Land" for 74 hours- about 1000 repetitions!  In 2014 over 125 people showed up, either planned or spontaneously, to sing and play along, and of course untold thousands wandered past, gawking and saying "Didn't they just play that song???" You don't have to have any special talent, just the heart to help the under-served in Detroit and Guatemala by helping BoR increase food security thru vegetable gardening and blight removal.   Here's a video of the fun we had last year.   There is absolutely no talent or experience required!!!!!   ARE YOU READY TO SING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S SUPPER?

                                                Heck yeah! I want to participate, take me to the sign up sheet!

There is also the option to become a "RainMaker" by sponsoring an hour of the Marathon- either with an individual donation, a family pledge, or a business/corporate gift. Pledges of 250 dollars or more will be honored and promoted during the event.  We will be blowing your horn and singing your praises during your hour!

I wanna be a "RainMaker" !!!!!!    Click here to sponsor

  Thanks to all!  It's a life changing event both for the participants and ultimately, the recipients


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