The Numbers


servings provided 2012-2018


servings provided in 2017


2018 Garden Numbers

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2018 Volunteer time as of Dec 21 :      4385 hours

Free veggies (and APPLES!) distributed to our homeless shelters, neighbors, and "Clinic to Farm to Patient" participants as of Dec 21 :           112,400 servings …………. adjusted for all gardens 175,000 servings

Clinic to Farm to Patient participants 45 (135 weeks of food provided)

2018 Song For Hope Newsletter

2017 Year in Review Newsletter


2017 Garden Comparison

As of Jan. 24, 2019….. 160 gallons of apple sauce/ 48 quarts of smoothies. We’re off to a productive start. Thanks to Northern Michigan’s apple growers and Kroger Stores.

Volunteer time, 2017:  4500 hours

Total, all gardens, 2017: 104,000 servings



and Recent Donors

Thanks for recent financial support from Cherry Republic, the Detroit to Nepal Foundation, Newpark Resources, Cooper Standard, Mitch Album's SAY Charities, The CS Mott Foundation, Quicken Loans, GM’s Dollars for Doers, and others.  The volunteers from Christ Church did another great job in the garden at the "Teen Mom's Shelter".  

Isla's Garden, a self-serve garden focusing on mothers with kids, on Glendale in Highland Park, was doubled in size for 2018 and is well utilized by the community..

Song For Hope Newsletter                                            Letter from the Executive Director 2018