The Facts


target annual servings by 2020

540 k +

servings provided since 2012

89 k

servings provided in 2017


Garden Update


Volunteer time as of November 17, 2017: 3800 hours                                     Total, all gardens, December 1, 2017: 89,450 servings  

Number of diet related health issue patients from the SAY Clinic receiving free vegetables from us on a weekly basis: 15

2017 Year in Review Newsletter


2016 Garden Comparison

Volunteer time, 2016: 3,052 hours

Total, all gardens, 2016: 84,685 servings



Thanks to recent financial support from Seeds of Change and Christ Church of Grosse Pointe.  The volunteers from Christ Church are getting the newest garden at the Teen Mom's Shelter up and running and looking good as well!  Quicken Loans, GM, Ford, you know we love ya!  See you on the Farm....