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Gravity fed drip irrigation for areas with no rain and no electricity:
The drip irrigation videos are meant to be viewed in order.  If you work in the 3rd World or with people who are first time gardeners, don't try any 'short cuts' in the field until you try these techniques first.  We have withstood the sting of trial and error and it's a fine line between success and failure in the field.

Introduction to the Tutorials
      Please take a couple of minutes to view this before the actual tutorials.     2:52

Part One: Garden Bed Preparation
     Gravity fed drip irrigation requires a flatter, smoother, more granular surface than traditional gardens.  We also cover adding soil amendments directly to a trench dug where the vegetables will go.   11:25

Part Two: The Bucket Kit and Laying the Pipe
     Here's how to construct a 'family sized' system.  The practicality of drip irrigation increases with garden size, but some people may just have a small space and a few mouths to feed.      11:00

Part Three: Installing the Emitters
     Get ready to meet the beauty of non-pressure compensating, external emitters.  Cheap, long lasting, easy to clean- foolproof!        8:00

Part Four: Making Water Flow!
     We fill the bucket and further explain the importance of smooth garden beds so there is no impeding the horizontal movement of our water through the soil.      11:03

Part Five: The Community Garden Kit
     Now for the big barrel.  Everything else is pretty much the same except the size of the reservoir and the length of pipe we can use.         12:01

Part Six : Seedling Propagation, pressurized water, pipe handling, more.....       9:03

Extreme Urban Gardening Techniques: Food Security for the Landless

Cyclone Fence Gardening    It's brutally simple, but watch it anyway, there may be a couple of things in here you've not thought of before.  Your additional comments are always welcome.  Brainstorm my friends!  4:14

Gardening on a Concrete Wall   Just like it sounds.  Hang pots of vegetables on wall-- and garden with zero footprint.    4:43

Food Ladders     These lean gently on a wall, be it concrete or corrugated steel or pallets or cardboard.    3:59

Recycling Kitchen Water for Irrigation    Plants will purify the water, so you don't blow bubbles when you eat your veggies!    2:13

Three Common Pests   Powdery mildew, aphids, and cabbage worms.  We don't offer any organic recipes, they're already on the web somewhere.  This is just to make the new urban gardener without land aware of the 'enemies'.    5:02

Food Totem- Bamboo     here's how to build a vertical garden that is light, portable, and productive.   4:24

Food Totem- Concrete    scrap concrete may be amongst the most available junk on the planet.  Here's how to turn it into a vertical garden and grow vegetables when space is extremely limited.     3:37

Container and Vertical Gardening        By Dr. Job Ebenezer,  Technology for the Poor       PDF

Hugelculture raised beds         Buckets of Rain disposes of all green debris we clear from blighted neighborhood lots by putting it in the bottom of the raised beds to rot and feed the veggies.  Get rid of the mess, save soil, and create plant food!  This link is to a very cool website by  We suggest you use as much soil as you can though, there's really no substitute for it.