Growing Hope, Feeding Lives 

In Detroit/Highland Park, Michigan and beyond

Our History

Buckets of Rain was formed in 2006 and began by pioneering a unique type of gravity fed drip irrigation to help impoverished communities feed themselves in Lesotho, as well as areas of Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize.  Since 2012, we’ve turned our attention stateside, to struggling communities of Michigan, specifically in Detroit and Highland Parks long-crumbling neighborhoods.


Why Detroit?

The old neighborhoods of Detroit/Highland Park are home to thousands of struggling community members with little access to food and services, and virtually no access to fresh produce. Urban blight has infected these neighborhoods, opening the door for criminal activity on abandoned properties and destroying community cohesion. There are 50,000 abandoned and crumbling houses and at least that many that will be uninhabitable in the next few years.

Our Work

Through the construction of urban gardens on abandoned city lots, Buckets of Rain diminishes urban blight, rekindles hope in struggling neighborhoods, and feeds the homeless through partners like the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and others.   We have re-purposed 23 blighted lots into food production since 2013, and grown tens of thousands of servings of vegetables, free of charge, for our partners and neighbors.


Volunteer Time YTD Dec 31, 2015    4000 hours THANK YOU!  

Volunteer time ytd Jan 22, 2016   12 hours!  Building raised beds for next spring

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This Christmas season, Cherry Republic has chosen Buckets of Rain to 'compete' in their "Holiday Detroit Challenge" along with 3 other Detroit charities that,like us, are doing the 'dirty work'.  If you donate (aka vote) for us between Dec 23 and Dec 27 we could win a $5,000 matching grant from Cherry Republic!    It's too late to 'vote' but WE WON!  THANK YOU!

"Nobody squeezes a nickle harder than Buckets of Rain"- -Wayne Workman, Assistant Treasurer, State of Michigan

Traverse Magazine focuses on the work of Buckets of Rain      Rowan Niemisto's camera comes to Highland Park, Sept. 7th, 2015

 Podcast with Romy Gingras and Bonfires of Social Enterprise- BoR in depth    Interview on "Stateside with Cynthia Canty."     

      DRONE FLYOVER- CHECK OUT THE MP4'S!  A bird's eye view of our Big Glen Garden on Glendale in Highland Park.  We intentionally left out pictures of the neighborhood and focused on the Gardens.   This is a feel good thing!

 Contact us for volunteer opportunities now! Harvesting and delivering are a daily task and we could sure use your help!

The food gleaning and growing operations in Guatemala are doing great!  See our pictures on FaceBook and Flickr.

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